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About 200 bloggers, activists, technologists and journalists of around the world – most of them contributors to Global Voices Online – travelled to Budapest the last weekend of June.

The GV Citizen Media Summit 2008 brought them together for two days of public discussions and workshops. It was a wonderful, energetic, diverse and fascinating gathering. Light-hearted in a serious way. Optimistic and creative despite difficulties and uncertainties. Lots of stories, videos and more can be found via on the Global Voices pages.

Some remarks:

– in closed societies role of diaspora – especially on line – becomes even more important

– who needs press freedom in booming economies, like Singapore? So what to do when your society is not interested in politics, freedom of expression or activism in general?

– Often torturers of bloggers do not have a clue how the internet works. In one example (Morocco) their leading question was: ‘why did you invent’? Comical if it wasn’t so tragic.

For a good impression of the discussions and the atmosphere have a look at ‘The right to blog‘ (pdf), an excellent article of Evgeny Morozov. I also recommend the blogs of the co founders of Global Voices Online; Ethan Zuckerman about collective decision making, the day after the summit; and Rebecca MacKinnon on ideas related to global participatory media.

The Summit 2008 was realized by Georgia, Solana, Sami and David.

For dessert: some really nice photo’s (203) made by Neha Viswanathan.


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