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Digital Sketches

digital citizen media, ict with a focus on Central Asia and the Middle East.

Last week I followed the news about the violent protests in Kyrgyzstan (first week of April, 2010) via the mainstream media BBC, CNN, AlJazeera, NOS  and blogs of individual journalists such as from NRC correspondent Michiel Krielaars. Of course also digital media using and including contributions of citizen journalists were important sources the past few days. Some examples are:
– Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
– Transitions Online (TOL)
– the bloggers platform with amongst others Adam Kesher‘s blog
– an overview at Global Voices Onlines; with ‘the making of’ by star reporter Elena Skochilo combining traditional and digital social media in an excellent way
– the Kyrgyz youth portal Kloop

Some of my own performances:
– a radio interview on Radio 1 (Dutch)
– also I was quoted in the Dutch daily NRC Next (Friday 9 April) in this article: Oppositie_Kirgizie_vormt_geen_droomregering (Dutch) and Kyrgyzstan faces uncertain future after coup (ENG)

Cathy Fitzpatrick wrote an intelligent opinionated summary on the use of digital media, to be more precise Twitter, during last turbulent week in Kyrgyzstan.

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