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‘Making a wiki is as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich’, is the slogan of the company PBwiki. This week founder David Weekly visited an ICCO meeting as a keynote speaker. The Peanut Butter metaphor will not last much longer because in a few months time this name will be changed. Better integration in the desktop, use of spreadsheets and calender will be included in the new version; formerly known as PBwiki.

The meeting started with a handful development organisations – ICCO, IICD and Euforic – giving a short presentation of the way they use PBwiki in their daily work. Some organisations even integrated PBwiki in their intranet to make individual and collaborative planning, reporting, communicating, documenting and supporting easier. This was a gathering of enthusiastic wiki users. Of course the co workers who are less happy in using on line tools did not attend the meeting.

When does it work? You need:

– to focus on the need —-and deliver

– a simple structure

– manage access levels

– initiators, collaborators and audience

– timely support

We work smarter together; is David Weekly’s philosophy. He chatted about the start of PBwiki – he wrote it in a few hours – about the current situation and future business plans. He shared some wiki tips and emphasized the importance of privacy: all data uploaded is encrypted and saved on servers at three locations. Some of his clients – amongst others the Royal Bank of Scotland, FedEx and the Financial Times – are dealing with highly confidential stuff. You own your data, according to David.

Wiki’s will not do the work for you. One of the speakers talked of the parallel with gardening; a wiki does need attention and maintenance. Only then it will pay of, look nice and make people happy. Just like a garden does.

Watch the videoclip of the PB Wiki meeting

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