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Last night Nitin Sawhney performed in Amsterdam. His concert in de Melkweg was part of the Amsterdam India festival. This concert tour is also to promote his latest album, London Undersound. It discusses how London has changed in the last few years – particularly since the London bombings of 7/7/2005. The album tells how Nitin and his collaborators have perceived that change.

I always try to attend his concerts in Holland because a night with Nitin is a wonderful experience. He is serious and playful, he has with a nose for good musicians and he dares to be silent. Years ago he started mixing flamenco, Indian voices and tablas, drum’n’ bass, rai etcetera. The result might sometimes be a bit slick, but most of the times wonderful balanced and surprisingly powerful. As was the case last night in the packed Melkweg.

After the concert he signed the new cd, as he did two years ago after his concert in Paradiso. Like real fans, I took a picture of my old-time friend Astrid with our hero.


Last night a rumour was spreading Nitin and Natacha Atlas will perform together in 013 in Tilburg, somewhere mid January. That really sounds tempting! I will certainly reserve some space for this event in my new agenda. Have a look at and listen to Nintin Sawhney on You Tube. Enjoy!


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