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Although I did not visit Osh this year I can report a short follow up to the story on Solomon’s throne, published July 2007.

Last year the mayor of Osh planned to build a lift on Solomon’s Rock. A lift could bring more people to the top in a more comfortable way. There were several protests against the plan: it is said Central Asian muslims consider visiting this rock three times, equal to the hadj to Mecca. Also there was a lively rumour the rock was on the Unesco World Heritage list. It was of course pretty easy to find it was NOT on this list. Altogether I was convinced the last word had not been said about this.

Last week, during my dutytrip for Hivos, I met reporters from the youth portal Kloop. After some fact checking, amongst others anaylzing Unesco’s criteria, they found the rock was on the Unesco nomination list. Definitely the mayor will have to redefine his plans because a lift will be out of the question.

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