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Digital Sketches

digital citizen media, ict with a focus on Central Asia and the Middle East.


1. About 50 participants attended the Hivos workshop ‘A disturbing reality check: how open is the Internet?’. Which is a good result, especially when taking into account that the workshop was scheduled at the same time as the opening session of the PicNic Conference. On the Hivos website a full report (Dutch) of the workshop.

Jonathan Marks recorded the workshop, selected the best parts of the presentations and published them as podcasts on his blog Critical Distance.

10-picnic-2007.JPG2. Is was a strange experience to see Second Life avatars watching the in-real-life workshop Zapping or Surfing (Salto) . People waved at us and participated by among others by voting from their virtual world.

3. `Where Wikipedia meets MySpace meets YouTube, the democratization of information is undermining truth and belittling expertise, experience and talent.’ The magazine Bright (Dutch) interviewed Andrew Keen, author of the thought provoking `The cult of the amateur‘. The online magazine De Nieuwe Reporter published an article (Dutch) about the discussion between Andrew Keen and David Weinberger, author of ‘Everything is Miscellaneous‘.

Also have a look at the Bloggers (un)Conference ‘East meets West’ of the European Journalism Centre (EJC).


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