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No wonder internet is still a medium for the happy, and more often rich, few in Kazakhstan. Only 4 % of the Kazakhs is wired, due to the high costs. An dial-up plan costs the Kazakh customer 82 euro a month. The low bandwidth and the average monthly salary of 292 euros (January 2007) explains why so few are interested.

It is also possible to get an unlimited ADSL connection. Of course, everything is possible as long as you pay. The fee for unlimited traffic at 2048 kbps (kilobit per second), including VAT, amounts to more than 3,700 euros a month. For a big part, thanks to monopolist Kazakh Telecom.

To get the picture clear: in Amsterdam I pay about 70 euros a month for an ADSL connection with speed of about 5400 kbps. Even I – living in a comfortable double income household without kids – can not afford a Kazakh ADSL connection.

You can find these figures in  ‘Internet Governance in Kazakhstan’, a recommendable article from Rachid Nougmanov published in the recent OCSE report ‘Governing the internet‘ (July 2007)


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