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digital citizen media, ict with a focus on Central Asia and the Middle East.

Conference New media And Press Freedom , 15/16 February, Paris

februari 25th, 2007

Some points made at this congres:

`Journalists, also citizen journalists, need better information skills: search, research, interpret. To understand the vastness of the deep web.’ (Nora Paul, Minessota)

`We want them as thinking media consumers. Future is in youngsters and digital media.’ (Aralynn McMane, WAN)

‘Strengthen participation of youngsters in the media. With effective formats and time frames, so it is easy for children ás well as for broadcasters to work with.’ (Chris Scheupp, Unicef)

This click will lead to to the report of the meeting.

Small news: a documentary is being made about Wikipedia: Truth in numbers


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